Crosslight Ministries

Lendell BirdsongAbout 23 years ago I was driving down Sheridan Oklahoma City waiting on a insurance policy to be processed. As I drove I began to notice the men and women walking down the street. I didn’t know at that time that I was just down the street from a large homeless mission called the Jesus house. I began to weep as I saw the hopeless look on their faces. I went home and began to pray “God would you make a way for me to minister to these hurting people”. Not long after that experience Bro. Johnny Taylor, a member of our church asked us to go take a tour of the Jesus House. At that time they were feeding and sleeping around 400 people a day. While we were there, we met Sister Ruth who ran the place. She said “preacher, would you like to come in and have church services here?” I said I would love to. For over 7 years I preached out of the Jesus House. God performed some of the greatest works that I have ever seen in my life in the old 2 story former school building called the Jesus House. Sis Ruth died and our work there came to an end but our outreach has not stopped since that time.

After 27 years of pastoring in Dec. of 2016 Sis Cyndi and I felt that God was through with us as Pastors at Trinity Holiness Church in Blanchard Ok. We also felt that God was wanting us to devote our selves full time to outreach ministries. In a short time God has put everything in place for this ministry. We are feeding and clothing the poor and homeless and most of all the Gospel of Jesus Christ is being proclaimed! Thanks for visiting our sight. Please pray that God will continue to bless our efforts. Bro. Lendell and Sis. Cyndi Birdsong.

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